Spicing Up Married Life


*Every order of Spicing Up Married Life will receive a complimentary Wine Pairing Insert, with drink pairings for each chapter's recipe, from Wine Expert John Buechsenstein.

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Book Description: Fr. Leo returns with his second book, Spicing Up Married Life, which encourages couples to put the kids to bed and make a romantic meal for two. Spicing Up Married Life offers couples- whether dating, engaged, young parents, empty nesters, or celebrating their golden anniversary- the chance to renew their love for each other and to God. Each of these 12 chapters offers lessons from Fr. Leo to learn and grow together, questions to encourage deeper discussion, special prayers and of course, delicious and complete meals that whet the appetite for the love God intends for us. So spice things up and share this gift with every couple you know!



About John Buechsenstein

John Buechsenstein has been a winemaker and wine educator in California for many years. Most recently the COO of Sauvignon Republic Cellars, specializing in Sauvignon Blanc from around the world, he has also made award-winning wines at Fife Vineyards and McDowell Valley Vineyards. John is a UC Davis Viticulture and Enology graduate. He serves as Adjunct Wine Faculty at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone and UC Davis Extension where he has lectured on wine sensory evaluation for over 30 years. He is a past-president of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture, a charter member of the Society of Wine Educators, and judges wines throughout North America. Among his many publications, he co-authored the Standardized System of Wine Aroma Terminology, known as the Wine Aroma Wheel.




Check out other notable speakers and writers are saying:

Spicing Up Married Life is the perfect recipe to strengthen and renew marriages at this critical juncture in history. The ingredients Father Leo uses will satisfy the hunger of body, soul and relational intimacy – Taste and see.
- Jim and Joy Pinto, Co-Hosts of At Home with Jim and Joy, The EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network

“Fr. Leo’s joyful living of our faith is a gift to all of us who know him!  And that is the same spirit you will find in “Spicing up Married Life”.   Its insightful lessons and delicious recipes will deepen your love for God and for one another.”
- Father Jonathan Morris, Sirius Radio’s “The Catholic Channel”

“With Grace Before Meals, Fr. Leo already inspired us to make family dinners an absolute priority.  But now with Spicing Up Married Life, he's challenged us even further to improve and grow upon the foundation of our family: our marriage.  Whether you have no kids or twenty, Fr. Leo stirs the pot and shows how making your marriage better than ever can bring you, your spouse, and your entire family closer to God.”
- Greg and Jennifer Willits, Authors of "The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living" and founders of NewEvangelizers.com

“When asked to write an endorsement of Fr. Leo's book, I realized why I'm the perfect candidate: I'm single and have no idea how to cook. So I figured if I could read it, enjoy it, and learn from it, anyone can! And guess what? I loved the book. You will too.”
- Lino Rulli, "The Catholic Guy" on SiriusXM Satellite Radio

“I love being married. I hate to cook. My wife and I use the smoke alarm as our oven timer. You get the idea. So reading through Spicing Up Married Life was a true gift for my wife, Melanie, and I. The discussion questions are relevant, Father’s reflections powerful and the recipes make even those of us who are “culinarily-challenged” look good. The food tasted even better. If you, like me, are trying to figure out how to be a better spouse, raise holy kids, make ends meet financially and not lose your partner – or your mind – in the process, do yourself a favor and follow Father Leo’s recipes (for success). Time is our most precious commodity – and making time to work through Father’s book did not disappoint us. There are plenty of people pointing out what’s wrong with marriage in our culture…thank God someone as honest and as funny as Father Leo Patalinghug is using his gifts and talents to be part of the solution. Bless your marriage – work through this book together and watch how more rooms than just the kitchen heat up.” 

- Mark Hart, Speaker, Best-selling author – Blessed are the Bored in Spirit and Embracing God’s
Plan for Marriage
, Executive Vice President, Life Teen International

“I am delighted to endorse Father Leo’s book.  Having witnessed over 850 marriages in my 42 years as a priest, in a culture where the meaning and experience of marriage is often limited to the peripheral, Father Leo offers solid Catholic teaching in an easy and enjoyable format that includes 12 inspiring lessons coupled with easy to prepare gourmet meals meant to be shared by couples who desire to strengthen and deepen their relationship with each other and with God—a winning combination that will draw them into the deeper, spiritual meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage.”
- Rev. Msgr. Joseph Luca, Pastor of St. Louis Catholic Church in Clarksville, MD